Hi, I'm Josie, head creative, party planner and stationery obsessive. This space is for smart creatives and small business owners who know what they want their life to be and just need a little help to get there.

I've got some help for you - it comes in the form of great marketing, smart design and custom stationery for your business and life.


I'd always been a "messy creative" but I'd lost a little of my creative spirit while traversing through the world of day jobs and grown up things. I wanted to get back into the joy I feel when I'm creating - and so Love Ideas Ink was born.

I love paper - everything about it. I love getting a card in the mail, having a gorgeous notepad to write that important list on or getting inspiration from an art print on your office wall.
I was always the one who created matching labels for all my files in my office - yes paper mad is a good description for me!

Love Ideas Ink is all about lovely sweet things that you can share with those you love. I am based in sunny Auckland, New Zealand and print locally but can design and ship to anywhere in the world you are!

I love to customise designs to suit your requirements so please contact me with any enquiries.You can buy from Love Ideas Ink online 24 hours a day on Etsy (worldwide) or on Felt (New Zealand).

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I’ve been in Marketing for about 15 years holding various positions from Advertising Manager, Marketing Manager and a few in between. I’ve run my own businesses and I’ve worked for small and large businesses - some with multi million dollar budgets and some with next to nothing. I’ve created and started up businesses for less then $5k. I’ve experienced a huge deal of exposure to the different areas of marketing including online, publications from magazines to newspapers, social media, e-newsletters and EDMs and printing.

I'm passionate about helping you out with your problems - and I'm here to give you achievable solutions. Think of me as your day to day coordinator. Whether you need Marketing Consultancy, great Design or a new Website consider me as your one stop Marketing team.

You can also follow a little more of what I love over on my blog - A Little Bright.

Thanks for visiting!