In an increasingly online world, your interactions on social media are the new currency - a more important way than ever to get connected, get customers and create a long lasting, unique brand. Make sure your Social Media speaks to your customers today.


Q: Is your Social Media presence easily found online?

Q: What does your Social Media character say about your business at first glance?

Q: Are your Social Media profiles cohesive?

Q: Does it show the personaility of your brand and business?

Q: Is it well branded - clear, concise, information and easy to navigate?

Q: What does the customer take away from your Social Media character/presence?

Q: What does the customer get from being a part of your Social Media world?

Q: Are your profile names easy to find and make sense?

Q: Where do your Social Media profiles lead the customer?

Q: Do I want to know more?

We understand that businesses don't have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing when things seem to be 'ok'. A Love Ideas Creative Social Media Review will ask all these questions of your social media and give you a clear, concise plan to move forward in your business.


You will receive:

-1 hour review of your social media presence/profiles

-Specific and unique report detailing the Top 5 things we recommend you do today to increase the impact of your social media presence.

-Extra bonus report detailing the Top 5 things we recommend you do for long term benefit.

Total investment : $150

Ensure your social media creates the right character with a Love Ideas Creative Social Media review.