In an increasingly online world, your business or blog website now serves more purpose than ever before. Your website is an invaluable tool - a key start point for customer interactions with your business.


Q: Does your website easily and quickly attract the customer to click off the homepage?

Q: Does it easily and quickly demonstrate and explain your business and service or product offering?

Q: Is the purpose and mission of your business easy and clear for the customer?

Q: Does it lead the customer through a series of information points and then invite them to ask for more?

Q: Does it show the personaility of your brand and business?

Q: Is it well branded - clear, concise, information and easy to navigate?

Q: Are contact points easy to find?

Q: Is the end goal of your website a natural transition and is is easy to find?

Q: Are your links clear and easy to find?

Q: Is it found through SEO and is it optimised?

Q: Do I want to know more?

We understand that businesses don't have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing when things seem to be 'ok'. A Love Ideas Creative Website Review will ask all these questions of your website and give you a clear, concise plan to move forward in your business.


You will receive:

-1 hour review of your website

-Specific and unique report detailing the Top 5 things we recommend you do today to increase the impact of your website.

-Extra bonus report detailing the Top 5 things we recommend you do for long term benefit.

Total investment : $150

Ensure your website ticks all the boxes with a Love Ideas Creative website review.